Gold Bars, Gold Dust & Gold Nugget


Gold has been money for thousands of years, so it’s real “og” money. Some folks think it’ll keep going up as other investments get riskier. Others just like that it looks pretty but will still buy your groceries thousands of years from now. What matters is that holding gold can make you feel more secure when things seem less so.

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22 carats+

Purchasing Procedure

1) We require buyer to come down here in Ghana and buy the gold via refinery and all transaction will be via a refinery here, and we bring the gold to the refinery and the gold is tested and assayed at the refinery when both sides are okay with the assay report then buyer will pay seller cash and then ends that transaction, buyer do own shipment unless buyer needs the help of seller to do the shipment and if not buyer do own shipment, then we can sign a contract for 6 months, or one year together with buyer.

2). We can do test shipment together, which will not need both buyer or seller to travel to each other’s countries, this shipment will be only maximum of 5kg but from 2kg to 5kg only, I will ship this test shipment to buyer’s destination upon which buyer pay for the export cost of this test shipment, depending on the quantity we agree to start with but maximum of 5kg. As soon as I receive the export cost, it takes me 2 working days to do the necessary documents for the export and on the 2nd working day night, I do the shipment via KLM, EMIRATE, OR BRITISH AIRWAYS to buyer’s choice of destination. Buyer will pay me for the gold after the final assay at buyer’s refinery and buyer will deduct the export cost from, the total amount and then wire me the balance within 48hrs after the completion of the assay at the buyer’s refinery.

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